One of the key specificities of the SwissQuantum project is to aim at long-term demonstration of Quantum Key Distribution technology and its applications. Although this is not the first quantum network to be deployed, it will the first one to operate for months with real traffic. In this sense, the SwissQuantum network presents a major impetus for the quantum key distribution technology.

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Timing of the main stages of the SwissQuantum project

Key stages

- January - February 2009: Design of the network & specifications of the required equipment.
- March 2009: Deployment of the quantum layer, beginning of quantum key material production & launch of monitoring tools
- May - June 2009: Design of the SwissQuantum website
- June 25th 2009: The SwissQuantum website goes live
- June 2009: Deployment of cryptographic applications
- October 2009: SwissQuantum Network demonstration at the ITU TELECOM WORLD show in Geneva
- January 2011: SwissQuantum Network dismantling

Network Operation

- Quantum Layer: March 2009 - January 2011, approximate duration of 22 months
- Cryptographic Applications: June 2009 - December 2011, approximate duration of 19 months

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