Cerberis solution

Monday 15 June 2009

The Cerberis solution is a fast and secure solution that combines Quantum Key Distribution servers and Centauris high-speed layer 2 encryption.

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Certeris solution — one QKD server and four Centauris encryptors

Main features of the Cerberis solution
- Future-proof security
- Scalability: encryptors can be added when networks grows
- Versatility: encryptors for different protocols can be mixed
- Cost-effectiveness: one quantum key server can distribute keys to several encryptors

In the SwissQuantum project, Cerberis solution is used with a Key Server. This device operates between the QKD server and the encryptor. The Cerberis solution has not been modified to be able to operate with the key server, as the latter acts as an encryptor for the QKD server and as a QKD server for the encryptor.

For more information about the Cerberis solution, please check Cerberis page on id Quantique’s web site.

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