Misc Network Equipment

Thursday 11 June 2009

Miscellaneous network equipment used in the SwissQuantum network are presented in this section.


Switches are used to switch layer 2 traffic and connect network devices.

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Following functions are used:
- Layer2 switching
- VLAN (Virtual LAN)
- QoS Priorities based on VLAN
- EAPS (Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching). The EAPS protocol provides fast protection switching to layer 2 switches interconnected in an Ethernet ring topology, this protocol is similar to what can be achieved with the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), but offers the advantage of converging in less than a second when a link in the ring breaks.

Wavelength Division Multiplexoers and Transceivers (WDM)

WDM are used to multiplex the optical signals on the classical channel fiber strand linking the nodes of the SwissQuantum network using different wavelengths.

This allows to increase the fiber capacity, to multiplex different services, and enables bidirectional signal communications over a single optical fiber strand.

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