QoS Test Software Suite

Thursday 11 June 2009

The QoS Test Software Suite was developed by the ICT Institute of the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland of Fribourg (EIA-FR) and allows network managers to evaluate in ‘real-time’ Quality of Service (QoS) informations of any selected traffic flow.

It is mainly based on the “IP performance Metric, IPPM” (RFC 2330) and on the “Benchmarking Methodology for Network Interconnect Devices” (RFC 2544).

The developpment of the QoS Test Software Suite covered the following topics:
- selection and the utilization of open-source traffic generator to simulate any kind of enterprise traffic flows
- specification of the QoS measurement and calculation methods in a ‘real-time’ way
- development of network probes and a QoS Management station
- integration of the results into a SNMP base management system

This software suite provides consistent and realistic information about network performance, taking into account the following constraints:
- accuracy of the time synchronisation between the probes
- accuracy of the calculated values in comparison to professional solutions
- limit of the performance of probes running Linux as operating system and on the hardware and software limitation of such a solution

The resulting tool successfully provides QoS metrics (delay, jitter, packet loss, throughput) for any kind of flow (TCP, UDP or any Layer 2 or Layer 3 protocols). This allow network administrator to focus on any kind of traffic and troubleshoot or validate any network configuration.

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