Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Server

Friday 12 June 2009

The Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) server is a hardware appliance that is used to perform automated secret key creation, management and exchange, using the BB84 and SARG quantum cryptography protocols.

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QKD Server front panel.

The QKD server works in a point-to-point configuration and is connected by the quantum channel that is made of a single mode dark fiber and uses a wavelength of 1550nm.

The cryptographic symmetric keys are exchanged between two QKD servers using phase encoding of photons. For details on quantum key distribution theory, please visit the quantum cryptography page.

The range between two point-to-point QKD servers currently reaches 100 km. On a distance of 25 km, QKD can exchange keys at a rate of approximately 1 kbits/sec.

Currently QKD Servers are can be used with commercial link encryptors such as the Centauris encryptors. This combined solution is called Cerberis.

MagiQ Technologies also commercializes network appliances implementing QKD.

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